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Automated Medical Appointment Reminders & Patient Engagement

Appointment Reminders

Everyone wins with automatic appointment reminders. Patients can better plan ahead to receive the care they need. Healthcare professionals slash no-show rates, maintain a full schedule, and save valuable staff time. Two-way text message, phone, and email communication makes notifying and confirming a breeze.

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No-Show Management

No need to chase down patients who miss an appointment. DoctorConnect will reach out for a reschedule. Use your dashboard to simply click the no-show button on a patient’s digital record, and our system will send an instant text alert.

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Recare & Retention

Whether it’s time for a yearly checkup or a routine monthly visit, send custom recare messages to individual patients or groups who meet designated criteria. Set the message content, choose a timeframe… we’ll take care of the rest.

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Surveys & Reputation Management

Enable this add-on service and DoctorConnect will follow up with automatic quality of care surveys, helping you take charge of your practice’s success. Bolster your public image by engaging with satisfied patients and encouraging positive online feedback.

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Reporting & Scheduling

DoctorConnect is compatible with hundreds of management systems, so it can easily integrate with your existing scheduling software or operate as a stand-alone program. Comprehensive patient management tools combine for a seamless experience.

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Patient Messaging

Tailor and send individual or bulk messages. Help patients stay on top of payments with past due notices. Your practice can do it all without breaking the bank. We offer flat messaging rates, so the more you communicate, the more you stand to save.

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Why Choose DoctorConnect?

Two-Way Communication

Two-way communication is a unique benefit of DoctorConnect's system. Your patients can immediately confirm or request a reschedule through any reminder method, and their responses are automatically logged in your system.

Flexible & Customizable

We know that each hospital, clinic, and practitioner has it’s own unique requirements for it’s reminder system. DoctorConnect has been designed to handle those differences from the ground up. We can import a variety of data from your current system and make sure your patients are getting the information they need, when they need it.

Integrates with Your Scheduling System

We currently interface with hundreds of different Electronic Medical Record systems and Practice Management Systems. Whether your server is located in your office, hosted in the cloud, or completely web-based, chances are very high that we already have a solution for your system.

Outstanding Customer Service

DoctorConnect has been serving the medical industry for over a decade and has provided top-rate service to thousands of clients. Our expert customer service reps and technicians are available every step of the way, to assure that the system integrates smoothly into your practice and meets all your patient engagement needs.

Improve your office efficiency and increase patient satisfaction with DoctorConnect!

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