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8 Ways Healthcare Providers Benefit from Automated Systems

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8 Ways Healthcare Providers Benefit from Automated Systems

You’ve already discovered how automated communication systems help improve your patients’ ongoing care experiences — but what are the business-side benefits of software such as DoctorConnect? Whether at an individual provider or large-scale practice level, doctors, dentists, veterinarians, and healthcare specialists of all backgrounds will notice financial and operational improvements as patient engagement processes are streamlined.

When patients are encouraged to take an accountable role in their own care, existing client retention and new client acquisition rates will lead your practice to greater success. Bolster the benefits of automation and watch as your appointment books grow more steadily full, staff resources are better allocated, your practice’s waste footprint dwindles, and so much more… all via an interface that supports your unique needs. Let’s explore exactly what you stand to gain as a provider.

1. Increased appointment counts

According to a Health Services and Delivery Research study cited by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, “the cost of the SMS reminder is minimal, considering the loss of revenue generated by failed appointments.” When you examine the $150 billion gross revenue loss that affects the U.S. healthcare system each year based on missed appointments alone, practices of every size stand to gain measurable financial benefits when they invest in an automated reminder system. While numbers vary among practices, real-life DoctorConnect users have reported up to a 50% (or greater) reduction in no-show rates after implementing SMS, voice call, and email reminders. Filling in the missed appointment gap, and therefore serving a patient base that is closer to full capacity, puts that revenue back in your pocket.

2. Reduced staffing costs

As the aging U.S. population requires increasingly more health care and existing baby boomer staff gear up for retirement, a significant nursing shortage is projected to roll into the U.S. by 2025. This makes efficient staffing an even higher priority for healthcare practices moving forward. Because automated patient engagement systems such as DoctorConnect require less staff member resources for administrative tasks (such as manual appointment reminders, follow ups, scheduling, and more), your practice can allocate more time where it matters most — providing high-quality care.

3. Reduced paper waste

As paperless business processes continue to gain traction in an effort to mitigate global waste, the healthcare industry is starting to catch up. Replacing mail-in reminders, files overflowing with patient contact information, and other paper clerical items with automated electronic processes is one of the first steps any practice can take toward improving its footprint. Coupled with the undeniable benefits of waste reduction, your staff will appreciate the convenience of automated patient engagement. Using DoctorConnect decreases the need to seal and stamp envelopes and pay for postage; clears up space in your filing cabinets by moving select information to a secure software system; and allows you to track patient responses at the click of a few buttons instead of playing a guessing game after mailing.

4. Scalable system

Whether you’re a small independent office or a massive healthcare network, even as you grow, the DoctorConnect system can handle it all. Keep track of all patients at your practice, group them by provider or based on other custom criteria, and set communication preferences accordingly. Request a demo to learn how DoctorConnect can serve your specific patient engagement needs and adapt as those needs evolve.

5. Patient feedback

Leverage results from follow-up quality of care surveys to provide patients more of what they value and address aspects that require improvement. Surveys are sent automatically to follow up on a patient’s appointment — all without significant time investment from staff. Satisfied patients are then encouraged to share their experience via online review platforms. Finally, visual reporting helps you evaluate information at a glance. Feedback is even more valuable with a system that does the heavy lifting for you!

6. Bulk messaging

Reach any number of patients in one fell swoop. Define a specific group (for instance, people receiving a specific type of care or patients of a specific provider), send automated waitlist notifications to help patients receive prompt care, keep patients up-to-date on their billing status, or deliver last-minute announcements affecting your entire patient base (such as emergency closures). DoctorConnect makes bulk messaging work for you.

7. Easy integration

Because DoctorConnect can be fully integrated with an extensive catalog of practice management and electronic medical record systems, you can easily implement its capabilities without entering pages and pages of duplicate data. The system can import existing patient records — including contact preferences, appointment information, and scheduling details — and work in tandem with your current database. Seamless integration is yet another DoctorConnect feature that exists to optimize your day-to-day operations and cut out administrative hassles.

8. Up-to-date patient information

Stay current on everything from patients’ contact information to their communication preferences, response history, and more. The DoctorConnect dashboard will highlight patients whose contact information is invalid or incomplete, making it easier than ever to follow up for updated phone numbers or email addresses. Your staff will also be able to review which patients have already received appointment reminders, no-show messages, recare notices, or survey requests, then reference who has responded and how.

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