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How Automated Reminders Generate Return on Investment

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How Automated Reminders Generate Return on Investment

When you ramp up your patient engagement efforts with DoctorConnect, your practice is bound to see measurable benefits. Investing in technological tools that enhance your efficiency, such as automated appointment reminders, brings about concrete financial returns for high-capacity practices — and our clients can speak to the resulting improvements.

One OB-GYN practice reported a reduction from 7 to 10 no-shows per day to no more than 2 daily no-shows after implementing DoctorConnect:

“Our average revenue per appointment is $100, so we are on track to gain $12,900 per month or $154,800 per year! We are completely amazed by this turnaround. Thank you so much for your help & guidance in using this tool.”

An Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) practice also reported a significant annual revenue increase of more than $76,000:

“Our facility sees patients Monday through Thursday, with each Friday set aside for surgeries. In using DoctorConnect, we have gained an average of 70 appointments per month which were previously no-shows. Additionally, we are able to spend time connecting with our DoctorConnect patients on a schedule which coordinates well with our patient flow, ensuring patient care remains our primary focus. Our average per appointment is $90.50, making our revenue increase $6,335 per month.”

No-shows adversely affect healthcare on all sides. Doctors are hit with revenue loss, which totals a gross $150 billion each year in the U.S. healthcare system (based on missed appointments alone). Patients may be deterred from seeking care as the patient-physician relationship is compromised.

DoctorConnect gives you and your patients a leg up by providing regular reminders via text, phone call, or email. This allows your patients to take charge and stay on top of their care schedule and ensures your time is allocated efficiently and effectively. Patients remain engaged, practices operate smoothly while delivering high-quality care, and all involved will benefit from the return on this investment.

As our clients will tell you, it’s a win-win-win situation. Contact us to schedule a demo and harness the power of DoctorConnect in your practice!

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