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How to Choose the Best Patient Engagement Software for Your Small Healthcare Practice

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How to Choose the Best Patient Engagement Software for Your Small Healthcare Practice

As a patient engagement software system, DoctorConnect improves the efficiency and flow of health and wellness clinics, and can be especially beneficial for small practices with limited staffing resources. Software engineers create systems that help medical, dental, veterinary, and other healthcare offices communicate with their patients, provide them with resources, or track patient-provider interactions in order to operate at full capacity.

Choosing Your Patient Engagement Software

Consider all the options a system offers when choosing your patient engagement software. Common features include:

  • Patient registration
  • Patient scheduling
  • View-download-transmit
  • Appointment reminders
  • Billing coordination
  • Messaging capabilities
  • Email marketing
  • Patient education and involvement

You’ll also want to make sure the software is compliant with HIPPA regulations, consider whether it’s easily accessible, and whether it’s a cloud-based service or self-administered. Patient engagement software can also be specific to your type of health care facility, have different payment options, and may require signing a contract.

Make a checklist of highlights you require in a patient engagement software system for your clinic and refer to it while comparing systems. Keep this checklist in mind as you explore the features of the DoctorConnect system.


DoctorConnect is a full software suite that helps you facilitate patient surveys, scheduling capabilities, recare notices, patient messaging, no-show management, and a streamlined user dashboard. Medical, dental, and veterinary offices can all benefit from using DoctorConnect. Smaller health and wellness clinics can rely on DoctorConnect to improve the efficiency of their clinic operations and to best utilize their staff and resources.

Features of DoctorConnect

Appointment Reminders

DoctorConnect’s appointment reminders use a two-way communication system which prompts a patient response after they receive the reminder. The system imports your contacts and appointment schedule to avoid duplication and you can customize patient reminder settings such as format (text, voice call, email), custom messages, and interval (for example, one week or two days before the appointment).

In many practices, staff must allocate time and resources to manually calls patients to give reminders. 72% of practices said that this staff time could better serve other areas in a case study survey. Appointment reminders help clinics by freeing up your administrative team’s time to complete other tasks. The survey also found that phone calls were more effective, whether manual or automated, at preventing no-shows.

No-show Management

Appointment reminders can also help reduce patient no-shows, which can cost healthcare providers billions per year. DoctorConnect solves this problem with its no-show management capability. This feature alerts patients when they miss an appointment and offers them a convenient way to reschedule.

Recare Facilitation

Manual follow-up calls present yet another time drain for staff. With recare facilitation, you can do away with another time-consuming task and use that manpower elsewhere. DoctorConnect’s system sends patients a message when it’s time for them to schedule a follow-up appointment, based on their last appointment date and type. You determine the message, time frame (for example, one year after the last appointment), and additional criteria.

Patient Surveys and Reputation Management

In addition to reducing time on menial manual phone reminders and costly no-shows, maintaining a positive clinic reputation can help bolster revenue and retain patients. The Harvard Business School published a study that found higher star ratings on Yelp increased revenue by 5-9%.

Having a strong reputation ensures your patients receive quality care in addition to increasing your revenue. DoctorConnect includes a feature for patient surveys and reputation management following a two-tier process. First, the system sends your patients a quality survey to complete, then it thanks satisfied patients for the review and provides them with a link to share their experience online.

Patient Scheduling and Communication Preferences

DoctorConnect also allows you to integrate individual patient scheduling and communication preferences. The software system automatically imports patient information, and you can then use the patient management tool to mark each preferred contact method.

Bulk Messaging, Waitlist Management, and Custom Notifications

DoctorConnect offers many patient notification options to share non-confidential information quickly and without added hassle to your staff. You can send memos clinic-wide in the event of emergencies or poor weather conditions, enable bulk messaging for everyone in a specified group, or even send notifications for late payments.

Other Ways To Improve Office Efficiency and Patient Flow

Patient engagement software systems aren’t the only option for improving clinic operations. Patient flow can affect the efficiency of your office, especially if crowding leads to long wait times, which could also negatively affect your reputation and patient reviews.

In addition to using patient engagement software, you can ensure your clientele receive quality care in a timely fashion in the following supplemental ways:

  • Use signage in the parking lot, hallways, and waiting room to direct patient traffic
  • Avoid bottlenecks with smart scheduling
  • Have all intake paperwork prepared and accessible for new patients
  • Provide touchdown stations for doctors to take notes and file paperwork after visits
  • Include parking access for patients during visits
  • Ask staff for suggestions to improve patient flow
  • Include questions about wait times and accessibility in your patient survey and use the data to improve any pain points.

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