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Medical, dental, and veterinary appointment reminders are a reliable way to reduce no-shows. When your daily schedule runs according to plan, your practice ultimately conserves valuable staff time and sustains a steady flow of patients and income. But your patient communication efforts are only as effective as the tools you use to relay and confirm each message. DoctorConnect provides a streamlined solution that lightens your staff’s administrative load, allowing your practice to focus on delivering high-quality patient care. Our automated communication system includes the following capabilities:

  • Unlike industry competitors, DoctorConnect channels an interactive, two-way communication system that sends reminders and logs patient responses.
  • Communicate via automated text message, voice message, and/or email — pick and choose one or multiple formats based on each patient’s indicated preference.
  • No matter which reminder method a patient receives first, they can immediately confirm or request a reschedule in real time.
  • Set pre-defined custom messages that include as much or as little information as you choose, including doctor name, location, contact info, special instructions, and confirm/reschedule request options.
  • Select your desired reminder intervals and times, from 1 week to 1 hour before a scheduled appointment.
  • Send reminders on an individual basis or set up custom group notifications.
  • Voice reminders are text to speech, so you can change them on the fly without recording new audio.
  • No duplicate entry needed: DoctorConnect imports all contacts and appointments and integrates with almost every major scheduling system, or it can be used as a stand-alone tool. Please see our FAQ page for a sample list of software integrations.
  • Staff can quickly track communication records, view confirmations, and respond to patients requiring assistance directly from their monitor.
  • Additional features include automated after care surveys, re-care messaging based on appointment type, and no-show management.
  • Ideal for any size or type of medical office: Doctors, Dentists, Chiropractors, Optometrists, Rehab Facilities, Hospitals, Surgeons, and Veterinary Offices.
  • Able to push confirm data back into your EMR/PMS.
  • Access to DoctorConnect customer service representatives for thorough assistance on-demand.

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