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Patient engagement is an increasingly hot topic in the healthcare industry. While the term is still used to define a wide variety of programs and practices, according to Columbia University health researchers, the ultimate goal of patient engagement is to leverage individual patient-provider relationships to maximize care outcomes and experiences.

Effective solutions often achieve this via improved communication practices that allow patients to play an active role in their care experience — from scheduling to providing feedback and beyond.

What does this mean for healthcare technology? Both your practice and your patient base benefit from the right engagement-driven tools.

DoctorConnect patient engagement software uses automated communication settings to send and receive important messaging, including:

  • Appointment reminders and confirmations
  • Reschedule requests
  • Recare notices for patient retention and follow-up appointments
  • Waitlist notifications
  • Past due bill alerts
  • Important announcements and bulk messages

When you employ DoctorConnect at your medical, dental, or veterinary practice, you’ll observe firsthand the benefits of patient engagement technology:

  • Refined scheduling processes leading to reduced no-shows
  • Reduced operational costs (save on supplies used for paper notices and allocate staff resources toward patient care)
  • Improved communication via patient-provider updates
  • Higher quality care and increased patient satisfaction
  • Positive contributions to population health (refined processes improve overall care outcomes)

Engage patients, improve efficiency, and experience effective results with DoctorConnect on your side.

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